Our story

You know the feeling there is something missing, a gap to be filled with a meaning.

And then it hits you as a flash of an instinct, an idea.

Step by step, little by little, a small idea

sucks you into a daydream, a scenario, a product,

a mission - something that absorbs your entire being, with a hope that it will connect with others and speak to them, too.


A.S. art studio is somewhat like a burger with the lot, in a creative artistic sense.

We paint pictures or we illustrate drawings. We design random t-shirts or we create jewellery. We make cute collectible toys or we shape unique peace of furniture. We love working with hands and focusing on making limited editions. We want to live our dreams and stay forever young.


"When you find the                   balance

          between your  curiosity and your ability to surrender                          to the journey,

                    you will develop trust in life. 

That trust is the key to the                                             freedom

you are searching for".

© 2020 by abstraktné stavy

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